Internet, that pays you.

How Hostify works.

Hostify pays you every month to allow us to host a Helium hotspot in your home.

It's really that simple.

Hostify's infrastructure is powered with Helium hotspots, a small low-powered router that builds the 'LongFi' network, Helium's proprietary network.

We build mesh-networks of Helium hotspots all over New Jersey, creating a web of connectivity to help power local communities smart sensors and devices.




A Helium hotspot is a low-bandwidth router that helps connect smart devices and sensors in your local community.

Common devices that use the Helium network include smart sensors that detect ambulances at a traffic signal, tell you when your basement has a water leak, or when your milk is going bad in your fridge.


Apply, install, paid.



Feel like you're interested in hosting a hotspot? Let's get started! Fill in your application by clicking the button below.



Once your application is approved, a member of our team will reach out to you and setup a date to install the hotspot.



Once the install is complete you'll be paid immediately after, and then recurring on that day of every month.

Over 16,000 hotspots have been deployed worldwide. 

We've paid $72,952 to our 52 hosts so far. That's over $1,400 per host.

With over 50 hotspots placed in New Jersey, we're the leading Helium hotspot distribution and hosting company in the state. And we're proud of that.



Hotspot hosts are paid starting from $35 and can scale upwards to $100 every month depending on their location, height, surrounding area, and hotspots nearby.



Know someone that would want to host a hotspot, maybe you're not eligible but your next door neighbor is? Let us know, we pay $50 or more per referral.


The antenna program is our speciality program that involves hosting an antenna. Members of our antenna program are paid higher and receive higher threshold bonuses at the end of each quarter based on performance.

How Hostify compares to other internet service providers.

Hostify is not a internet service providing WiFi, we provide LongFi. A network that can reach low-bandwidth devices and sensors up to 200x farther than a household WiFi router while putting out lower frequencies and less power, resulting in more cost efficient and safe connectivity.

We take pride in building connectivity for your local community and having the opportunity to build a relationship with each host.

Andy & Liz


We own a home in North Bergen, so sometimes bills can rack up pretty high. We saw an ad for Hostify and decided to give it a shot, and it's been great so far! We make $45 a month through the program and we haven't noticed any difference in our internet speed.



Love Hostify, helps pay for my internet every month. My friend over in Springfield told me about it and seemed like a cool idea. Has been hosting for awhile now and haven't run into any issues yet!



Super cool program!! The Hostify team is great as well, very respectful of COVID laws and making sure that all safety protocols are followed. I had a bunch of questions at first about security but they explained how it works and I have been doing this since! A+ 😎

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