Internet, that pays you.

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Lease your


By hosting a hotspot, you can provide reliable, safe, and secure wireless coverage with your pre-existing internet connection, and get paid for it.

Connect your City

Gain the power of Coverage, with Hostify.

Start connecting low-data smart sensors and devices that fuel your city's future, while earning money. From smart dog collars to your local bike rental app, you can keep them online and connected by hosting a hotspot.

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Hotspots only require 5W of power and use minimal amount of internet data, about as much as 1-5Kbp/s.

$25 to $50

Every Month.

Payments for hosting a hotspot vary depending on how high the location is (i.e a 20th floor high-rise apartment versus a two story townhouse), obstructions that can interfere or block the view (buildings, trees, mountains or hills), and where the location is facing. Typically an individual that lives higher with an unobstructed view of a nearby city or urban area is paid higher than a person living in a rural or suburban community.


Referral Bonus.

Members that refer hosts to Hostify receive a bonus, paid at the end of the month's payment cycle in their preferred payment provider. Not a member of Hostify, but have someone that could be? We'll still pay the bonus.

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Seriously Secure.

FCC approved, AES encrypted.

Hostify complies with all FCC regulations. Each hotspot provided to a host is built with AES encrypted hardware, so any traffic within the 900MHz spectrum instantly protects the network from any potential hackers.


How it Works


Although these networks work well for everyday streaming and browsing, they are prone to expensive costs, high power usage, and security issues.

For large scale businesses, cities, and people who use low-power sensors, these networks are inefficient.

Instead of traditional 5G, LTE, or WiFi, Hostify uses LoRaWAN powered through the Helium Network. A low frequency wireless network connected through the blockchain.

Meet LoRaWAN.

The superior alternative for low-power sensors and smart devices.


The cheaper, energy conscious, secure little brother to 5G, LTE, and WiFi.

Running at 915Mhz, LoRaWAN has the ability to connect low-power devices that transfer lower amounts of data for far less the cost of traditional Teleco networks.


Did we mention it also reaches 200x farther than all of them combined?

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Built to


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Hostify's network reaches 200x farther than 5G, WiFi, and LTE.

With long range capabilities of LoRaWAN, powered with Hostify, hosts are able to connect devices with reliable wireless internet in cities and towns miles away.

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With over 330,000 hotspots online, Hostify is a part of the largest LoRaWAN network in America.

Our Hosts

See what our hosts have to say about providing coverage for Hostify. And yes, they're real people.

Andy & Liz


We own a home in North Bergen, so sometimes bills can rack up pretty high. We saw an ad for Hostify and decided to give it a shot, and it's been great so far! We make $45 a month through the program and we haven't noticed any difference in our internet speed.




Love Hostify, helps pay for my internet every month. My friend over in Springfield told me about it and seemed like a cool idea. Has been hosting for awhile now and haven't run into any issues yet!




Super cool program!! The Hostify team is great as well, very respectful of COVID laws and making sure that all safety protocols are followed. I had a bunch of questions at first about security but they explained how it works and I have been doing this since! A+ 😎


Our Trusted



Get paid $25 to $50 every month to provide coverage for your local community, by hosting a hotspot.

For more information about what it entails to become a host with Hostify, please read our Hosting Policy.