Let's fix it.

1. Restart

Try unplugging the hotspot, wait 2 minutes, then plug it back in. Sometimes all the device needs is a soft reset to appear back online. 

2. Port Forwarding

It is highly recommended that you port-forward the hotspot to avoid any network blockage or connectivity issues. A common issue with hotspots not being able to connect is due to the lack of port forwarding. You will need to open TCP ports 44158 in both directions.


Not familiar with port forwarding?

3. Hotspot Placement & Antenna Direction

Hotspots need to be placed in the middle of a window with a clear view. If there are ANY METAL OBSTRUCTIONS in front of the hotspot it will not be able to provide coverage.


The antenna on the hotspot also needs to be vertical, or straight, pointed towards the ceiling. Do not move the antenna in any other direction. Both of these steps are crucial for the hotspot to perform well.

4. Router Distance

If the hotspot is connected to your WiFi and your router is not nearby, the hotspot may run into frequent connectivity issues and decrease its ability to function. Try placing the hotspot closer to your router, or ask a representative from Hostify to supply an ethernet cable to connect the hotspot via ethernet to your router.

5. Ethernet

If the hotspot is too far from the router, it’ll need to be plugged in via ethernet. Please contact your Hostify representative if this is the case. 

6. Obstructions

In order for the hotspot to provide a reliable connection, ensure that its view has a clear path to your outside surroundings. Small movements can sometimes alter the performance drastically.

Still not working? Contact your Hostify representative.