Congratulations on receiving a hotspot and becoming an official Hostify Host. Below are instructions on how to set up the hotspot to ensure optimal and reliable coverage.

In order to set up the hotspot, please enable Bluetooth on your phone and download our Hotspot Connect App.

Power On

Plug the hotspot into a nearby power outlet with the provided power cord. Please note that the side with the USB-C connector should be inserted into the hotspot's USB-C port near the black pairing button.


The hotspot will require a bootup time of about 180 seconds or 3 minutes.


Once the required time has passed you will need to pair the hotspot by pressing the black 'Pairing Button' on the side near the USB-C power port. Your phone's Bluetooth must be enabled for this feature to work.


Tap 'Network', find your WiFi Network name, type in your password, and connect. Once 'Connecting' changes to 'Connected' you're good to go!