The first network that puts money back into the pockets of the people that help build it, by creating a simple and secure way of monetizing your internet connection.

Internet, that pays you

Let us explain.

If you have internet in your home and a window, you can earn $25 to $50 every month by hosting a hotspot.

Teleco giants like Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner build coverage for their network by building costly radio towers, paying exuberant amounts of money to skyrise tower developers, and then continue to hike their network price for customers, like you. With Hostify, we make it easy to diminish the expense of your internet bill by allowing everyday people to provide coverage for their local city that in return builds connective mesh networks for nearby smart sensors and devices that are typically used in city infrastructures, small-businesses, and people's smart homes.


How it works


Instead of traditional 5G, LTE, or WiFi, Hostify uses LoRaWAN powered through the Helium Network. A low frequency wireless network powered through the blockchain.


Although these networks work well for everyday streaming and browsing, they are prone to expensive costs, high power usage, and security issues.

For large scale businesses, cities, and people who use low-power sensors, these networks are inefficient.

Meet LoRaWan.


The superior alternative for low-power sensors and smart devices.


The cheaper, energy conscious, secure little brother to 5G, LTE, and WiFi.

Running at 915Mhz, LoRaWAN has the ability to connect low-power devices that transfer lower amounts of data for far less the cost of traditional Teleco networks.


Did we mention it also reaches 200x farther than all of them combined?

The Hotspots

These are our friends, the hotspots. Each one comes in a different size, but serve the same purpose.

Hotspots that are used for Hostify's network are FCC regulated, secure, safe, and reliable. They draw minimal power, averaging at 5W, and require a fraction of internet data to provide optimal coverage, about as much as a small text message (1-5Kbp/s).




Hosting a hotspot is easy. You will need a nearby power outlet, WiFi or ethernet, and a window that has a clear view with no obstructions.

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